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Dokuwiki orphans

What is it?

"Dokuwiki orphans" will help you find pages with no links towards them and links to non existant pages in order to keep your Wiki clean.

What do I need?

  1. PHP 4/5

What can I do with the source code?

What ever you want. (learn more)
Would you like to improve it? If you want, send me the updated version and if you want, I'll publish it here. (contact me)


Source code

Output example

Here is an output example:

* Links with no attached pages (orphan links):
  ** "Modeles d'expressions regulieres"
       => file "modeles_d_expressions_regulieres.txt" does not exist

* Files not linked with any page (orphan files):
  ** "procedures.txt"
       => visit the page at :
  ** "documents_utiles.txt"
       => visit the page at :
  ** "gestion_des_utilisateurs_unix.txt"
       => visit the page at :
  ** "accueil.txt"
       => visit the page at :

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