Retired stuff


The following scripts are old and did not pass recent quality control. They are still available here for historical reasons but I strongly invite you to find alternatives.


  1. A/B testing: A simple/efficient enough A/B testing tool.
  2. PHP_my2pg: A simple migration tool from MySQL to PostgreSQL
  3. Good cookie: A server-side solution to store third party cookies when browsers block them (like Firefox starting version 22) (original version using Memcache)
  4. Good cookie, Redis version: Same script as "Good cookie" but rewritten to use Redis/PhpRedis instead of Memcache
  5. Dokuwiki orphans: Find links to empty pages and pages with no links towards them in your Dokuwiki
  6. LastCall: simple cron job monitoring tool in PHP


  1. MacThief: Protect your Mac against thieves.


  1. MultiServ: Execute terminal commands on several servers at once with a Mac. I strongly invite you to use the great csshx instead.

Other themes

  1. Password guidelines: Learn how to use good passwords if you are a user and how to protect your users if you have a website
  2. Secure my Mac: How to properly secure Mac OS (passwords, Apple backdoor on your computer, FileVault, Hibernation...)
  3. dirGPG: Easily crypt and decrypt a folder with GPG
  4. Simple backup: A simple bash backup tool for your files, PostgreSQL and MySQL
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